Close your eyes and picture yourself riding across the water, feeling the breeze all over your face your face – it’s a true adrenaline rush! But safety must always come first. Afterall, jet skis can reach up to 70mph.

First of all, make sure all your safety measures are secure and in place. This means, you’ve got your  life jacket on and swimming clothes, in case of any unexpected dip. Also, be sure to look for a kill switch or cord that’s attached to the jet ski. It’s like a safety gadget – if you fall it will stop the engine automatically.

Let’s talk about another important aspect: your riding technique. You wanna picture yourself sitting a bit forward, staying calm and relaxed. Be sure to ease into it, starting slow until you get the hang of things. And when you’re ready to kick it up a notch, make sure you got plenty of space around you. It can take up to a minute to stop on water, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Remember to keep an eye out for other boats or stuff that might be in the water. Don’t get too close and risk a collision. Also, beware of buoys that get in the way, as they may or may not have ropes attached, so watch out for those too.

When your ride has come to an end, slow down as you approach the shore. Relax, cut the speed, and glide in gently. As easy as that, you can conquer the waves!

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So there you have it – a complete guide to jet skiing that’s all about fun and safety.

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